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Table Of Contents

It´s In The Bag
Your Custom Business and Travel Wardrobe

1   Clothes Sabotaging Your Career?
     Dress for Success & Safety
     Getting the Most from this Book

2   Color Theory
     Color Wheel
     Bright Colors
     Color Names
     RGB System

3   Your Personal Color Scheme
     Constraints on Color
     Your Individual Coloring
     Choosing a Color Scheme

4   Where in the World?
     Western Hemisphere
     Australia and New Zealand
     Coping with Diversity

5   Wardrobe Building

6   Special Circumstances
     Tux Transport
     Cold and Wet Weather
     Hot Weather
     Active Vacations
     Students at College and Abroad
     Persons of Size

7   Fabrics and Their Care

8   Shoes and Accessories
     Shoes are not Accessories

9    Hair and Make-up

10  Shop or Sew?
      Custom Clothing




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