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It´s In The Bag
The Complete Guide to Lightweight Travel

A first-rate, highly recommended primer for all travelers. If you are planning an extended trip abroad, begin by reading this extremely useful book on the fine art of traveling light without foregoing essentials.
— Midwest Book Review

Barbara DesChamps has the perfect packing tool for travelers who can't seem to make it to the airport with fewer than three bags. She and her husband, both seasoned travelers, have made it overseas and back (staying a couple of months) with just one bag that fits under the seat or in the overhead compartment. Now that's amazing.
— Leigh Grogan, Sacramento Bee

Luckily, Barbara has written and published a book to help the over-packers of the world. Among handy features in the book are Barbara's packing lists. She's arranged the book so they are easy to copy. She has separate lists for personal hygiene and first aid, day pack, paper items, shower kit, laundry kit, clothes and miscellaneous. Her lists are probably worth the price of the book!
— Dixie Redfearn, The Union (Nevada County, CA)

Attention Book Reviewers: It´s In The Bag: The Complete Guide to Lightweight Travel is so good at providing practical traveling hints that your fellow staffers are likely to ´steal´ your copy. Don´t let it out of your sight!
— Gail Snyder, chief copywriter, Radio-TV Interview Report

Packing to travel in an age of heightened security and shrinking airline seats - along with all the usual travel-related hassles - can be an annoying hurdle on the way to a much-needed vacation. Author Barbara DesChamps has the answer. In her book, she describes exactly how she manages to put more than 100 items in her carry-on, which usually weighs no more than 17 pounds and fits under the seat in front of her (no overhead lifting required, another advantage.)
— Paula Parrish, The Record (Stockton, CA)

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It´s In The Bag
Your Custom Business and Travel Wardrobe

My father loved to quote Rita Mae Brown, who said, "Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment." Any time you can benefit from someone else's experience, you should. Now, business travelers can take advantage of Barbara's extensive experience to save themselves heartache, drama and bad travel experiences. Barbara KNOWS what travel is all about - for business OR pleasure. Her unique insights into the world of business and travel will have readers thanking her when they say their prayers at night.

Barbara's knowledge and advice on acceptable attire for business meetings all over the world is tested and true. As a business relationship expert here in the U.S., I couldn't agree more with her advice. I've always told my audiences that if they intend to travel for business, they should become knowledgeable about the country they're visiting and what that unique culture requires. Barbara's book is my new "go-to" resource for these issues. Being prepared is what this is all about, and nowhere is being prepared more important than when traveling.

It's In The Bag will save you time, money, heartache and possibly even your life! It will also help you to reap tremendous benefits, including outstanding comfort, increased respectability, and value. Even if you are only taking one trip this year, read It's In The Bag before you book your ticket! Buying this book could possibly be the best $13.95 you'll spend in your entire life.
— Robin Jay, corporate trainer, professional speaker and award-winning author of The Art of the Business Lunch.

Great tips for creating an appropriate business wardrobe on a budget and for those business travelers who want to pack lightly. It would also make a great gift for a college graduate or new executive.
— Amy Linden, Library Media Teacher

This book is compact, yet includes much information on shopping, packing the right fabrics to withstand travel and how to dress in foreign countries. I think travelers need this and I would like to acquire three copies for the library system.
— Mary Ann Trygg, Nevada County Librarian

Barbara DesChamps doesn't want you to sabotage your trip or career with lost luggage or the wrong wardrobe.

She designed and made doll clothes as a child and started sewing clothes for herself at 11. At 16, she worked in a clothing boutique, where her tasks included alterations. While in college, she supported herself in retail jobs and later as a Math Consultant. She saw expensive clothing in San Francisco stores but couldn't afford it on part-timer income, so she copied it, often hand-sewing on the commute bus. After graduation, she could indulge her fashion passion, but the years of forced frugality had taken their toll. She couldn't justify splurging on designer clothing, which she could make.

At 23, Barbara took her first trip to Europe. She and her husband took only two bags for six weeks. These were almost empty on the way over and came back full. She then copied an evening dress seen in a French magazine. They took even longer trips later but still traveled with just one carry-on bag each and they dressed nicely. People kept asking how they did it and Barbara finally realized: "There's a book here."

That book is It's In The Bag: The Complete Guide to Lightweight Travel. It shows how to travel stylishly with just a carry-on. People loved it but some wanted more. They wanted to know how to pick their own best colors and what to wear for different business situations and destinations. After much research and work, Barbara has produced the second book in the series: It's In The Bag: Your Custom Business and Travel Wardrobe.

Barbara is a veteran speaker and has appeared on TV. Book her to speak to your organization or business on career wardrobes and packing for travel. She can also help your business with dress-code guidelines. Give your people the tools to succeed. See Consulting & Speaking page.

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