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Barbara has been helping people with their colors and wardrobes for 40 years. She can help you find your most flattering colors and styles, specific to your occupation and the places you go. In person, she uses large, color cards to find the colors you should seek or avoid. This takes an hour but the cost is only $60. This service alone can have a big impact on your appearance and how people respond to you. Wearing the colors that make your skin glow or your eyes sparkle can forever change your life.

And if you don´t live in her neighborhood? She will give you instructions on taking a photo with good color rendition and you can e-mail her the image. She will tell you if it is workable before payment. If not, you owe nothing.

If you wish to take it farther, Barbara can suggest specific wardrobe items for your lifestyle. You send a full-length photo and fill out a short questionnaire with your needs and goals and receive a quote. Barbara can also be your personal stylist if you wish, on the lookout for the clothes and accessories that are flattering for you. Why waste hours shopping in stores or online when you can have an expert scoping out the possibilities and alerting you to the ones that have your name written on them?

We live in a global economy. Whether your people travel, receive foreign visitors at work or just need to present themselves well, give them the skills they need to succeed. Barbara can conduct workshops or seminars for new employees, salespeople and others who represent you to the public, at home and abroad. She can speak to them about wardrobes that are professional, affordable, and easy-care for travel. She can show them how to travel with just a carry-on bag and avoid the trauma of lost luggage (and lost business.) She can help your business develop dress codes or guidelines. She can give individual attention in small groups or give general guidance to large audiences. Contact her to discuss a custom presentation tailored to your needs. You may call her at 530-265-5851 after 10 a.m. Pacific or email her at...

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