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ISBN 978-0-9710525-2-9
128 pages, 17 illustrations
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It´s In The Bag
Your Custom Business and Travel Wardrobe

Is Your Wardrobe Sabotaging Your Career?

Could it make a better impression on clients and colleagues? Do the colors flatter you? Are you ready for any social event or location? We live in a global economy. If you travel, receive foreign visitors at work, or just want to present yourself well, don't risk a fashion faux pas. Gain control of your wardrobe and career with this book. If you are a student preparing for study abroad or college, a tourist on vacation, a Career Counselor or Human Resources professional, you will also find valuable information.

Discover how to:

  • Select your best personal colors and styles.
  • Build an easy-care wardrobe for your lifestyle.
  • Be ready at short notice for events and business trips.
  • Dress appropriately for the situation and location.
  • Choose the right fabrics, shoes and accessories.
  • Save time and money on clothing, hair and skin care.

"This book will save you time, trouble, money and possibly even your life! Even if you're only planning one trip this year, read this book before you buy your ticket!"
— Robin Jay, author of The Art of the Business Lunch

"Great tips for creating an appropriate business wardrobe on a budget and for those business travelers who want to pack lightly. It would also make a great gift for a college graduate or new executive."
— Amy Linden, Library Media Teacher

"This book is compact, yet includes much information on shopping, packing the right fabrics to withstand travel and how to dress in foreign countries. I think travelers need this and I would like to acquire three copies for the library system."
— Mary Ann Trygg, Nevada County Librarian

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Barbara DesChamps began designing and sewing at an early age. She now consults and heads her own fashion police department. She is also the author of It's In The Bag: The Complete Guide to Lightweight Travel.

Don't wait until an important trip or event is looming. Be prepared.

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ISBN 978-0-9710525-0-5
112 pages, 12 photos
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$11.95 U.S.
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We all know people who take
too much luggage. Do them a
favor: Give them this book!

It´s In The Bag
The Complete Guide to Lightweight Travel

Travel in Style with Less Effort

Wouldn´t you like to travel "footloose and fancy free," able to follow your own inclinations at every turn, without the burdens and constraints of heavy luggage? To have more time for business and pleasure, and waste less time on packing, porters, and other logistical problems? You don´t have to be a backpacking college student to enjoy the benefits of lightweight travel. Many people of all ages have found they can travel successfully, and well dressed too, with just one carry-on bag. Now you can learn their tricks and become an expert traveler.

Discover how to:

  • Build a travel wardrobe that is easy-care, but won´t mark you as an obvious tourist.
  • Pick the wardrobe items appropriate for the weather and purpose of each trip.
  • Choose a lightweight carry-on bag, and fit everything you need inside.
  • Take all the right stuff with the logically organized and easy-to-copy checklists included.
  • Organize your equipment so you can find items quickly.
  • Pass through airport and border inspections more easily.
  • Take simple steps to stay happy, healthy and safe.
  • Save money on transportation, lodging and meals.
  • Have a relaxing and rewarding trip.

"A first-rate, highly recommended primer for all travelers. If you are planning an extended trip abroad, begin by reading this extremely useful book on the fine art of traveling light without foregoing essentials."
— Midwest Book Review

"A valuable resource for every traveler"
— Suzanne Hogsett, author of Bargain Travel Handbook

"The lowdown on packing light for a long trip, and a must for novice travelers! It was very helpful in planning our trip to Europe."
— M.J. Mehrmann

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Don´t waste precious time during your vacation or business trip. Buying this book now will help you prepare for the next wonderful, short-notice travel opportunity.

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